Humbly Grove Energy is an oil and gas production reservoir that has been operating since 1986. It was converted to add Gas Storage in 2005 and on 14 December 2011,PETRONAS Energy Trading Limited acquired a 100% holding of the facility. It enables the UK to possess a safe gas storage capability that’s close to home and to have gas supplies available the minute they’re needed.

Humbly Grove Energy is a subsidiary of PETRONAS Energy Trading Limited and owner and operator of the UK onshore licence PL116, which contains the Humbly Grove oil production and gas storage developments.


Humbly Grove Energy Ltd is classified as a Top Tier COMAH establishment by the UK’s Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and as a result complies with stringent safety standards and is inspected and audited by the HSE on a regular basis.

Giving the UK a Self-Sufficient Gas Reserve

Humbly Grove Energy contributes approximately 6% of the UK’s gas storage capacity and assists the UK homeowners and businesses maintain a continuous gas supply when there are shortages from overseas or adverse weather conditions.



Humbly Grove Energy’s key strengths are:

  • Highest standard of occupational and process safety
  • Top class environmental performance
  • The highest level of plant availability, reliability and flexibility
  • Optimal operating costs

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Arthur Moors, Managing Director

Humbly Grove Energy Ltd is led by its Managing Director, Arthur Moors. Arthur is responsible for the safe, reliable and economic operation of the business. He also focuses on maximising Humbly Grove’s value to the overall PETL business.

Arthur leads various health & safety, operations, maintenance and engineering teams and ensures the site complies with the latest legislative and statutory health and safety statutes. This includes liaising with the UK’s Health and Safety Executive.

Talents & Experience
Arthur has over 26 years’ experience at the site and, more recently, was Humbly Grove Energy’s Operations Manager. He has in-depth knowledge of all facets of the storage facility and this specialist insight ensures Humbly Grove maximises PETL’s return on their investment.


“It’s good to have such a sizeable backer behind Humbly Grove Energy – one with such a positive reputation and safety track-record. Humbly Grove will certainly benefit from the PETRONAS ethos, standards and ethics and we are looking forward to supporting PETL’s trading operations.”

“Humbly Grove is a major player in the UK’s gas infrastructure. I am very proud to be part of a business that has such an important role in ensuring UK communities gain a reliable and safe energy supply.”

Education & Interests
Arthur has a BSc in Industrial Systems Technology and a BEng in Engineering and Business from The University of Southampton. He is also a Chartered Electrical Engineer. Outside of work Arthur loves to spend time with his children and grandchildren. He has a smallholding with horses, goats and alpacas and the family enjoy riding.